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    Duke Nukem: Editing Project
"What the hell is this?" you may ask?

I was looking around on the net, and found out that there are alot of Duke 3D TC's and building communities out there. So I decided to make this site a building community dedicated to DNMP!

The purpose of this site is not for TC's because of the fact that no one knows how to work prismed! What my intention is, is to create a community of Duke Manhattan project fans who enjoy mapping to share their creations and work with others.

As I said before, most people have no clue how to work prismed. Well, the other main purpose of this site, besides working together on DNMP maps, is to help others and share your knowledge of prismed. This way, people who are new to prismed or just don't know what the hell they are doing can also participate.

2. "Why register?"
To participate in the forums and our community, you DO NOT NEED to register with our site. Registering on the site is just for those of you who wish to let the community know they are definately mapping and are working on maps, episodes, etc. This is by no means manditory!

3. "How the heck are we gonna keep in touch when we are working on a map together?"

This is something that will be a pain in the ass to work out. These are my ideas on this:

Work through the forums here
Work through Email
Work through AOL Instant Messanger

I think these would be most useful.

. "How do I start a Project?"

Well, all you have to do is come up with an idea and tell me about it.


Make a story line, and have a basic idea of the level(s). (This doesn't mean give me a rough level in prismed. This means just tell me what the levels will be like. I will NEVER, unless extreme circumstances accure, will disaprove an idea!)

People to cantact with your ideas, Site Admins.( prowler45)

. "How can we keep track of the projects we are working on in the forums, etc?"

Well, there are two main ways on this site to keep track.

1. In the "Projects" section of this site there will be a list of all the current DNMP map projects and the members working on them.

2. Everytime a project is started, I will start a forum section specifically for that project.
6. "Who does what in a project?"

That is up to you and your fellow team members. My suggestion is to find out who is better at mapping, texturing, etc and put them on that.

Hope this helps you understand this site. Any more questions contact prowler45.

Enjoy, good mapping!

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