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Your Number 1 resource for Prismed help and tutorials on the web!
Prismed Tutorials By DNEP
By RG:
Prismed 1.0 & 1.1
RG's Famous Beginner Basics Tutorial originally posted on the 3drealms boards.
Ladder Tutorial
RG's Famous Tutorial originally posted on the 3drealms boards on how to make a working ladder.
By Fredlennium:
Basic Mapping
Fred's guide to making a basic map in Prismed for DNMP.
Small misc Tutorials
Fred discusses a few effects and aspects including how to make cars and use Tripatches.
Problem Tutorial
Fred addresses some problems he has run across and explains their solutions.
scssoft tutorial
Official Beginner tutorial by scssoft.
Last Tutorial update: July 1, 2004
Item Drop
Prowler's "Must Know" Tutorials
Learn how to make items drop when you destroy an enemy, crate, or barrel.
Keycard Doors
Learn how to create a door that is opened with a key card.
Sode Machine
In this tutorial, RG shows us how to create a working soda machine and manipulate it's properties.
Prefab Tutorial
RG's latest tutorial showing us how to create and use custom prefabs in our DNMP maps!