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3D Realms
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
The Story:

Mech Morphix has created GLOPP. GLOPP mutates everything that it touches into a hideous monster under Morphix's control. Useing Duke's awesome arsenal and badass attitude, it's up to you to stop Morphix before he mutates and destroys all of New York and eventually, the world!

General Info:

- Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project takes players back to the old days of 2D Duke Nukem sidescrollers only with all the graphics, detail, and abilities of 3D.

- DNMP is divided into eight unique episodes with three long and distinct levels each.

- Collect all ten Nukes in each level to get three bonus rewards at the end of the game. (There are three different awards depending on the difficulty you win the game on.)

- As in all Duke games, DNMP features: The Jetpack, Keycards to access different areas, secret areas, and, of course, BABES!

Duke's Moves:
Game information
Climb:  Duke can climb a variety of objects through out the game environments such as ladders and radio antenne.
Kick: The Mighty Boot is back! Press space to kick forward or stomp on a critter, and jump + space to do a drop kick.
Hand-Over-Hand: Duke can hand-over-hand across pipes and bars.
Jump: Need I say more?
Slide: By pressing space while Duke is moving, he can preform a slide. He can use this to slide under objects and to cause damage to an enemy.